Kopari Sundaze

Mineral Sunscreen 

Product Launch Campaign 

Video Production: Clara Goldfarb
Photography: Joyce Lee
Prop Stylist: Amy Taylor
Senior Designer: Jamie Brenstuhl

Every day is a Sundaze at Kopari. We were born to beach and we know a thing or two about suncare. But it’s time to take protection way beyond UV to shield your skin from damaging digital rays, IR radiation and pollution. Rain or shine, beach or snow, inside or outside, Sundaze is for all your days.


From concept to completion, I oversaw the creative vision and production of the Sundaze campaign along with my in-house creative team. I lead the  selection of talent and crew, the creation of  storyboards for pre-production and efficient post-production and was responsible for approving final creative assets inclusive of paid ads and organic social leading to the launch.




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